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OZONE for Air and Water
Ozone by O34U. We sell Ozone machines and specilise in large Ozone and Grey Water installations

Ozone Generator

Ozone (O3) is nature’s way of cleaning our air, water and body at cellular level. Occurring naturally in our environment, Oxygen is generated by our plant life and converted by ultraviolet radiation in O3 when it binds a third oxygen atom to form ozone.
That fresh smell your pick up after a thunderstorm is also ozone.
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Why Ozone?

Luckily for us, ozone can be created on demand with the help of an ozone machine designed to convert natural oxygen to produce ozone. The ozone then neutralizes harmful substances like fungi, bacteria, viruses, and kills off odors and impurities in the air and water. Unlike most medicines and antibiotics, you cannot build up a resistance to ozone.

Ozone is a gas. That means it has the ability to reach where other disinfectants and cleaners can’t. With the right ozone treatment for your household, business or industrial needs, ozone can destroy pollutants up to 3200 times faster than chemicals like chlorine without any harmful side effects. 

That’s because O3 generated from an ozone machine reverts back to oxygen and carbon dioxide which are both naturally occurring.
Whether you run a restaurant, a hotel, an industrial site or just want to improve the quality of the air and water for you and your family, an ozone machine for sale South Africa can offer a range of health benefits

Ozone applications

Ozone treatment can be used for a whole host of applications, offering a myriad of health and cleansing benefits for all types of uses, including:

Indoor air quality
Water treatment
Floor and fire restoration
Chemical destruction
When combined in ozone therapy machines and generators, ozone and UV together offer powerful properties

Ozone is natural

Whether you run a restaurant, a hotel, an industrial site or just want to improve the quality of the air and water for you and your family, an ozone machine for sale South Africa can offer a range of health benefits.

Ozone is a naturally occurring gas.
It’s a natural disinfectant, sterilizer, and sanitizer.
Kills viruses, mildew, and bacteria.
More than 3,000 times more effective than chlorine.
Removes odors.

If you’re looking for an ozone machine for sale South Africa, you’ve come to the right place. At 034U, we sell a variety of ozone machines and generators for a wide range of uses.

Ozone machine

Ozone can meet the needs for purification, detoxification, and health enhancements at home and in the workplace. From ozone machines to an industrial ozone generator, there is a solution for everyone. Our ozone machines for sale in South Africa are the perfect solution for cleaner, purer air.


For residential use, ozone machines can help remove odors, dust, smoke, and disinfect the air around you. For commercial use, an ozone generator is ideal for:

Fruit and vegetable storage – slow down the production of ethylene and slow down the ripening process
Hospitality – remove smoke and odors, and disinfect
Fire damage – remove smoke and odors
Restrooms – remove odors
Apartment blocks – remove odors and disinfect


When combined in ozone machines and generators, ozone and UV together offer powerful properties, including:

Odor removal
Smoke removal
Bacteria and virus removal
Disinfection of air into food processing areas
Slow down the ripening process
Ozone machines for sale in South Africa are used for powerful and effective water and air purification and to enhance your overall health and wellbeing, minus the use of medications or harmful chemicals.

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Your lungs wont repair themselves, even passive smokers can benefit...

Ozone Generator

Air and Water disinfection

Now you can install ozone generators for natural air and water disinfection. Say goodbye to harmful chemicals and ineffective purifiers and say hello to powerful, highly effective ozone machines from 034U. If you’re looking for an air purifier to remove odors and smoke and keep the air you breathe fresh and healthy, an O3 generator is the way to go.

Clean Water and Air

Ozone generators for air and water disinfection are used for a wide range of industries, such as:

Sewage treatment
Swimming pools
Process water treatment
Bottling plants
Borehole water treatment
Air disinfection, for example in restaurants, hotels, and public bathrooms

Ozone Machines

Firstly, the whole idea with ozone machines and generators is to clean your air and rid your body of viruses, bacteria, fungi, and other harmful substances. Secondly, UV ozone generators make use of a light source. Thirdly, this generates a narrow-band UV light to recreate the natural and healing properties of the sun and provide a highly effective air purifier for your home. Moreover these ozone machines can be fitted into office or factory spaces, or anywhere else you may want to enjoy fresher, healthier air.
  • Using Ozone to treat your water helps protect against harmful ailments and in so doing protects your whole family. This image was taken in Johannesburg South Africa

    Water Purifying Machine

    Aqua ozone works to purify your water to produce healthier, safer, and high-quality water. At 034U, we specialize in superior water purifiers South Africa to help you achieve a turnkey solution for all your ozone water needs.
  • Reduce inflammation , Fight cancer, Detoxification, Improved digestion, Reduced bacteria and viruses

    Drinking Ozone water

    When it comes to drinking ozone water, the benefits are immense. These include:
    Reduce inflammation
    Fight cancer
    Improved digestion
    Reduced bacteria and viruses
  • Ozone water is now becoming more popular with pool companies and bottling stations. This picture was taken in Johannesburg South Africa

    Water Purifiers with UV

    Water purifiers South Africa provide water that is free of fungi, germs, protozoa, and bacteria, making aqua ozone completely safe to drink. Interestingly, ozone water purification accounts for over 90 percent of the world’s purified water. Most of the bottled water you drink is treated by ozone. More and more pool companies are also embracing the ozone water purification process over traditional chlorine for O3’s healthier and natural benefits.

Water Filters South Africa

O3 ozone water filter systems deliver clean, safe water to your home or business. Our water filters are easy to fit and top-quality. Ozone is the perfect way to sanitize and disinfect the biological contaminants found in water. It’s also an exceptional oxidant that oxidizes metals in water, like iron, sulfur, and manganese, removing them from the water.

There are plenty of benefits of ozone water. O3 ozone water filters remove taste and odor problems from water far more effectively than chlorine. 

So, since ozone consists of oxygen, consequently it reverts to pure oxygen and disappears once it’s been used. In addition. not only does 03 remove microorganisms from your water, but it also stops the build-up of deposits in your water system and pipes, significantly improving the quality of your water.

Moreover, one of the biggest benefits of ozone water is that you don’t need to add chemicals to your H2O. Ozone is natural, and when used to sanitize water, it reverts to oxygen, leaving no traces. In addition, it’s safe for you and the environment!

Air Purifier

03 ozone is the perfect solution for not only homes, but traffic-heavy buildings like hospitals, offices, hotels, banks, shopping centers, and industrial premises. Poor air quality greatly influences concentration, energy levels, and overall employee and personal performance. But quality 03 ozone air can boost production and improve your bottom line and performance thanks to a top-quality air purifier South Africa.

When you consider an ozone machine price against the incredible benefits of clean, healthy air, there’s just no comparison. Think about your air conditioning system. It’s a breeding ground for viruses and infectious diseases. As a result, the microorganisms pass easily through the filter systems into the duct pipes, spreading among your staff, clients, and family. So, with an air purifier South Africa, you can breathe easy knowing that everyone around you is in a healthier and more conducive environment. 

Moreover, our ozone machine price includes everything you need to improve the quality of your air. All of us need to treat the air around us, especially indoors where fresh air and natural sunlight struggle to filter. With ozone air purifiers, you can successfully kill mold, bacteria, fungi, viruses, and a whole host of other airborne pathogens that result in illnesses and diseases. 

For businesses and schools, for example, that means less time off due to sickness and a healthier school and workforce.

Ozone Benefits

From ozonated water to better quality air, ozone machines in South Africa offer an abundance of amazing benefits.

In fact, there have been some promising studies that show just how ozone can benefit your health, including:
Purify blood and the lymphatic system
Kill parasites, bacteria, viruses, protozoa, and yeast
Reduce pain and inflammation
Normalize hormone production
Boost circulation
Stimulate the immune system
Promote healing
Limit the effects of stroke
Stop bleeding
Improve memory and brain function
Reduce the risk of diabetic complications
Reduce abnormal heart rhythm and arrhythmia

Our ozone machines South Africa offer a range of different applications. From ozonated water to helping you sanitize the air in your home, we have the perfect solution for you. Above all here at 034U, we can help you purify, sanitize, and improve the water and air you use.

Water Purifier

Firstly, Ozone is nature’s purifier. It’s proven to dramatically degrade commonly used pesticide and herbicides in our fruits and vegetables.

Secondly, the water purifier for schools, hotels, homes, and other businesses uses a water filter to clean and purify the water you use to wash your fruit and vegetables in and to drink. Further, the water filter fits effortlessly to your water taps to immediately give your purified water for everyday use.

In other words, an ozone machine South Africa is a powerful barrier against water-borne bacteria, and viruses. What’s more, a water purifier for schools and other public uses effectively reduces the concentration of several minerals, like sulfur and manganese, while also eliminating taste and odor issues. With an ozone machine South Africa, you never have to worry about the quality of your water again! 

Thirdly, say goodbye to metals and other chemicals and particles. Most importantly, enjoy fresh, healthy water that’s good for your system, all literally on tap and whenever you want!
Ozone by O34U. We sell Ozone machines and specilise in large Ozone and Grey Water installations
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